Topping is the process of removing (pruning) the growth tips from the main stem of your marijuana plant. Both indoor and outdoor growers often use this method, which is sometimes referred to as a “High-Stress Training Method”. A more compact canopy and a bushier structure take the place of the center flower’s dominating position. According to many gardeners, it increases light levels across more bud locations and boosts production.

Cannabis often exhibits apical dominance, but not always. At this point, the growing tip (the “apex”) starts to dominate and grow higher than the rest of the cannabis plant. Perhaps you have seen coniferous trees in the wild. It features a towering branch in the center with branches that resemble Christmas trees all around it.

This form ensures that all the branches get nearly equal amounts of sunlight from the sun, which is ideal. One light source is commonly used by indoor gardeners. Some branches may end up being farther away from the inside lighting source than others as a consequence of this. This could make the light less intense. Additionally, some blooms may be shaded, which limits their ability to grow.

A cannabis plant’s growth structure may be changed by topping it in order to produce a larger crop. Professional cannabis producers and serious home grow both use the topping process. Not all cannabis strains or circumstances lend themselves to topping.

How to Best Marijuana?

Cannabis plants often have between 3 and 5 nodes by the time they are ready to be topped. Cannabis topping experts often hold off on removing the tip until the plant has at least five nodes.

The plant is robust enough at this point to survive cannabis topping under extreme stress. The cannabis plant’s life typically begins at this stage. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that throughout the first few months, each strain develops at a distinct pace.

The cleaner and sharper the blade, the better it will be. A ragged cut with a dull blade may do more damage than good. The ideal tools are razors or sharp horticultural scissors.

What Effect Does Topping Have On Cultivators Of Marijuana Indoors?

The cannabis plant will be shorter and bushier than usual. The canopy will be flatter and the primary bloom won’t be at the top of the plant. Because of this, indoor growers may create a canopy that is more level while employing fewer flowers to stay inside the optical “sweet spot” of ideal PPFD values.

This makes it possible for indoor producers to make better use of the light. Under ideal lighting circumstances, it’s feasible that more than one of your core blooms may develop.

Types of Edibles

The most popular types of edibles are those that contain CBD. CBD is a compound found in cannabis that has been shown to provide a variety of health benefits. CBD edibles are available in a variety of forms, including gummies, candy, and cookies. They may be ingested or added to meals or beverages. When to top cannabis plants is a matter of personal preference, but many people believe that it is best to do so when the plants are young.

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