Two distinct branches of medicine stand out in the new world of legalized cannabis: smoking hemp flower or ingesting cannabinoid edibles. These are both the easiest, most convenient, and most accessible ways to administer cannabis at your local dispensary.

How can you determine which medication is best for you? Our bodies react to different types of marijuana, inhalable and ingestible. Their effects can vary from one case to the next. Both options can be used responsibly and are healthy ways to get the right medication for you.

The Benefits of Smoking Medical Marijuana

Simply put, inhaling Medicinal Marijuana can be a unique experience. It is well-suited for anxiety and other mental health conditions. The THC compounds quickly enter the bloodstream and dissipate as soon as they are gone.

How does smoking marijuana affect your system?

The inhalation process produces a high level of THC compound absorption of between 50-and 60%. This allows the user to feel the euphoric effects of smoking within five to ten minutes of taking their first puff. Because the cannabinoids are transported through your lungs rather than your digestive system, it significantly reduces the time taken for substance absorption and elimination.

The effects are rapid and dissipate quickly unless you take a second dose. Smoking marijuana can be an easy part of your daily routine. It works quickly and provides a quick boost to health.

Is smoking medical marijuana harmful to your health?

Smoking any substance, whether tobacco or cannabis, can cause inflammation in your lungs and esophagus. Smoking marijuana should not cause permanent damage to your respiratory system, provided that it is done in moderation.

What about vaping? You might ask. Vaping is a popular alternative to smoking but it comes with its risks. Most alarming is the fact that vape pens often contain compound traces or glycol. Glycol can cause significant damage to your system if inhaled, either in its propylene or polyethylene variants.

There may be medical reasons why medical cannabis should not be used for smoking. To minimize harmful effects, you can vape using a diffuser at home or a vaporizer. There are many options for medication.

Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana Edible Use

There are many sizes and shapes of edible marijuana medication. They can be enjoyed as tasty treats or as a solution for serious health issues like chronic pain. They are a different form of inhaled cannabis as a best strain for pain. They last longer and have a higher potency.

How long do marijuana edibles stay in your system?

It is a good rule of thumb to remember that edibles can have a lasting effect on your system after they are fully absorbed. This is because the cannabinoids you are taking don’t reach your nervous system right away.

The first pass through your liver where they are then digested. THC compounds then travel from your blood to the brain. This bodily function allows edibles to feel their effects anywhere between one and three hours after they are eaten.

What’s the Medical Cannabinoid Dosage For Edibles?

The right amount of edible dose varies from one patient to the next. To avoid any side effects, a first-time user should stick to a dose below 2.5mg of THC. The dose for a regular patient can vary depending on the condition being treated. It can range from 2.5 mg to 15mg. If a specialist in Medicinal Marijuana medicine recommends that you take a higher dose, it should be taken only.

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