When kratom is not kept properly, it loses its purity, freshness, and potency rapidly. This is because incorrect storage may progressively change its major active constituent, mitragynine, into another chemical. To prevent this, ensure that you complete the following:

1. Keep kratom in a dark, out-of-the-way location away from UV light.

UV radiation from the sun may harm kratom. It has the potential to degrade its alkaloids. As a result, its effects are altered. Its efficacy may also be considerably reduced by exposure to light.

2. Locate a cool location.

Kratom retains its characteristics best when maintained in a cold, dry environment. But, more significantly, it should be at a location where the temperature does not vary often. This is due to the fact that temperature variations might create greater changes in the chemical makeup of kratom.

3. Keep it away from sources of oxygen.

Kratom, like many other organic substances, reacts with oxygen. As a result, when exposed, it oxidizes and converts mitragynine to mitragynine pseudoindoxyl. As a consequence, it reduces the effects and efficacy of kratom. Additionally, protecting your supply from oxygen exposure helps to prolong the shelf life of kratom.

4. Keep other odorous objects at a distance.

Kratom like other herbs is susceptible to absorbing and taking up strong odors in its surroundings. As a result, if it is kept near garlic, onions, or cooked meat, it may begin to smell like them.

5. Select a storage container with consideration.

Because kratom is sensitive to strong odors, you should also think about the container you will use. Choose containers that have previously absorbed the odor of other goods.

You may use mason jars for the greatest results. They open and shut easily and feature airtight sealing. You may also use Ziploc bags since they allow you to force air out and have no lasting odors. Some users additionally use vacuum seal bags to ensure that there is no air inside. These are excellent choices since they allow convenient access as well as protection from the outdoors.

Shelf life of kratom

Now, appropriate storage goes hand in hand with kratom’s shelf life. See, kratom, like teas and other dried leaves, has a shelf life of around a month if left alone. However, if you keep kratom properly, you may prolong its life and consume it within three months rather than only one.

Last thoughts

Kratom has a lot of great perks and impacts. To get the most out of it, though, you must maintain its quality and lifespan. That includes taking extra precautions to ensure your kratom goods are properly kept and protected from the weather. So, after you have chosen the perfect kratom for you, take the time to properly store it. Simply follow the suggestions and actions outlined above, and you will be able to prolong the life of kratom for as long as possible.

Aside from appropriate storage, you need also be cautious about where you get your kratom items. If kratom merchants give you goods that have been sitting in their storage for a long, your efforts will be futile. So, while purchasing in bulk, be sure you only buy from trusted merchants. To save time and ensure that you obtain fresh and pure powders, buy your kratom solely from Topextracts.com.

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