Instagram is one the most popular social marketing platforms for small business. Instagram is the most popular social media platform for small business. With more than 25 million business accounts and over 200 million views of business profiles per day it’s evident why businesses are choosing Instagram.

This user-friendly and intuitive platform allows businesses to market their products, network or project themselves as powerful brands.

In this article, we share important tips to help small businesses grow their Instagram influence.

1. Inspiring Instagram stories and posts

You can create stories that relate to your brand or product/service. These stories will help you build trust, engage, and credibility. Always create content that adds value and will benefit your audience.

These are some tips to help increase your audience.

  • Use video. Quinty analysed 9 million Instagram photos and found that video received up to 21% fewer interactions than images. Photos are still most popular.
  • Use emojis or text highlights to make your posts more approachable
  • Make sure to use keywords and hashtags when curating content.
  • For increased user engagement, you can use Instagram Stories polls and ratings to boost your followers’ engagement.
  • Increase your followers by using Instagram ads

2 Get Insta insights

All business accounts have access to Instagram’s analytical insights. These include the number or profile visits to your posts and any actions taken.

These insights can be used to monitor your business’ Instagram performance and identify the posts that work. These insights allow you to continuously improve and adapt the strategy for social media.

3. To Increase User Engagement

Instagram marketing has one key goal: increasing user engagement through Instagram posts. How do you achieve this?

Here are some suggestions that small businesses can use in order to make a significant difference.

  • Make sure to post on Instagram regularly so that users are interested.
  • Multiple posts are recommended for weekends and holidays as these days have the most active users.
  • Always include the option for DM or Direct Messages. This will allow users and you to speak directly without revealing your identity.

4. Go for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is very popular on Instagram. Instagram estimates that 87% percent of Instagram users make purchases based on recommendations or reviews from influencers. 70% of Instagram shoppers use Instagram in order to find new products worth their money.

These statistics demonstrate why influencer marketing is becoming so popular among businesses. To gain maximum exposure and followers on Instagram, one or more influencers can be partnered with you. You can indirectly increase organic traffic to the business by having influencers endorse your product/brand on their profiles.

Optimize and optimize your hashtags

You should spend some time thinking about the hashtags you will use for your Instagram stories or posts.

Hashtags, which are specifically designed for Instagram, link users to relevant content if they search for these terms. So, for example, if your business deals with ladies fashion, including top fashion-related hashtags like #SummerCollection2021 or #Fashiondiscount on your posts will help more users view your content.

It is important to avoid using inappropriate hashtags as they could target the wrong people. You can also create and manage your own hashtags to promote your business or brand.


Instagram is becoming a popular marketing tool for small businesses. If you follow these top Instagram tips, you can take great steps to increase your brand awareness as well as customer engagement. Good luck!

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