One of the best ways for making money at home is to save time and money. You can do both using coupons and daily deal websites.

While there are tons of discount sites on the Internet, if one can find their niche and provide great service, they can succeed. Here are some tips on how to create your own coupon/daily deal site.

The Advantages of Having an Coupon or Daily Deal Website

  1. It is affordable to begin. It takes only a website host and a domain address to create your site. Coupons are generally offered for free by the programs that you can join.
  2. It’s easy to set it up. A blog platform like WordPress can be used to quickly create a coupon web site.
  3. It’s flexible to operate. You can manage your coupon or daily deal site anywhere, anytime. You can do it while traveling, working or at home.
  4. Save big Take advantage of early deals to save money on your own purchases
  5. Large market. You would find a large market for your business.

The Cons and Uses of Daily Deal or Coupon Website

  1. There is much competition. There’s a lot to choose from.
  2. It’s time-consuming. This isn’t a passive income business. People search for the best deals and coupons daily. Therefore, you should have new opportunities posted every day or several times per week.

How can you start a coupon site or daily deal website

A coupon and daily deal website is a great way to make some extra money and help others save.

1. Decide what products and services you would like to offer.

Coupon sites offer coupons or resources that can be used to create coupons. Daily deals provide discounts for products and services. Your coupon site will allow you to use affiliate sources or aggregators, and pay a percentage. Daily deals that you negotiate can bring in up to 50%. You can find a site with both.

2. Determine a niche.

It’s hard to be a generalist nowadays, especially in the fast-paced daily deal and coupon marketplaces. Instead, pick the market you want. You might offer deals or coupons for health and wellness. Or, you could focus on baby-product deals.

3. Get started.

Decide the structure of your organization . Register a company name. You can also get a city or county business license. Before you register your name as a business, verify that it is available for use as a domain. Also make sure that your name is not already taken or trademarked.

4. Plan your website.

A website without a plan can easily become cumbersome. Your goal is to build a website visitors can use easily. Clear navigation is a must.

5. Register your domain and get web hosting.

Don’t waste your money on a cheap web host. It is unprofessional and can limit your potential success. A domain name can be bought for $100 and you get one year of hosting.

6. Design your website.

Get a coupon for daily deal template templates to simplify your work. You might be able to receive coupons or daily deal themes if you create your website using WordPress. It is important to keep your site simple and easy to navigate. Include policies and privacy statements that are applicable to customers as well. You should also ensure that your website is mobile-friendly as more people are using their phones to find deals.

7. Include a Sign-up

Although you are happy to give away your coupons or information, the key ingredient of successful programs is a membership/targeted list. A Email List . This is the simplest way. An email mailing list will increase your use of coupons and deals. This allows you and your contacts to email you special offers and discounts.

8. Register to receive coupons and daily deal offers

Take the time to review the terms and then follow the guidelines. Check out these resources:

  • Brandcaster
  • CentsOff
  • DailyDealBuilder
  • Savings Deal Pro Network

Swagbucks is another great coupon and savings app that offers referrals.

9. Negotiate your deal.

There is no rule that says you have to approach businesses in order to do business with them on a regular basis. Your key to success is having a lot of traffic to your website as well as a large number of emails. has an excellent article about how to keep your business partners pleased when you are doing a daily deal.

10. Market.

Marketing is the cornerstone of any business. A freebie doesn’t guarantee that a market will find you. There are plenty of coupon and deal websites online. Search engines can help, however don’t expect search engines to do all of your heavy lifting.

To reach your market, you need an marketing plan. Share your deals via social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Off-line strategies also should be considered.

People love to save money. The internet is a great resource to help them find the best deals. Create a website offering easy-to-use coupon codes or deals-ofthe-day to be a valuable resource.

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